When it comes to your health, there are several seemingly basic things you can do to build the foundation for vibrant health, and disease resistance.  Our bodies were designed to be well, as long as we treat ourselves well!  In addition, without having a good basis for health, there is no amount of medication or supplements that can make up for that deficiency.  This will be the “Cliff’s Notes” version, with more in depth articles to come.  So, take a look at the following list, and if you can implement some real change (in any small way) you will be that much closer to radiant living with fewer illnesses and medications!

Sleep Well

Our bodies do a huge amount of repairing, rejuvenating, metabolizing, and “housekeeping” at night, while our minds get some much-needed rest.  Regular and sufficient sleep can be difficult to come by for some, but once attained it is transformative!

Eat food as food was intended

Let’s face it, food has only come in bags and boxes for the last couple of decades or so – our bodies were designed to eat things fresh and unprocessed!  We need lots of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and good fats to live well.  Our ancestors would not have thrived on fast food, preservatives, and huge amounts of sugar and salt – neither can we.  Shop intentionally, read labels carefully, and stay out of the center aisles at the grocery store – they’re chock-full of processed foods!

Drink a lot of water

Our bodies are anywhere from 50-75% water.  Think about that for a moment.  Now consider that we live in the desert, in very dry conditions.  Our bodies need and crave water!  All of the liquids that we drink are ultimately absorbed by our cells for living and metabolizing, and our cells much prefer clean, pure water to soda, artificial colors, sugars, and generally icky things.

Poop every day

We eliminate things for very good reasons, and if your bowels aren’t moving regularly your body is going to have a very difficult time removing old dead food and metabolic waste products.  When those things aren’t eliminated, we feel tired, fatigued, irritable, bloated, gassy, and the list goes on.  Good poop is essential for good living!

Find a source of joy in your life, every day

Laughter really is the best medicine!  It doesn’t matter where that joy comes from – family and friends, pets, funny commercials, singing in the shower, a job, a garden or hobby, traveling…  Find something that you love, and do that, as often as you can.

Keep peace and contentment in your heart

No matter how hard we try, there is no separating the mind and the spirit from the body.  To treat one without acknowledging the others would be true folly.  When your center, your peace, your contentment is lost, the body will begin to feel unwell.  This can manifest in a myriad of different ways, and is different for everyone.   These things can often seem difficult to achieve, and if this is somewhere that you struggle I recommend reaching out to a counselor, spiritual leader, dear friend, or spouse and keep as much stillness in your heart as you can.