February marked the beginning of the Garlic growing season, which means this is the time of year that you can buy garlic at its peak of freshness, potency, and affordability.  Garlic has been well-known for years to prevent and treat colds, flus and infections.  Did you know that it has also shown promise in preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, and in thinning the blood to prevent heart attack and stroke?  If that weren’t enough, garlic is also full of sulfur-containing compounds that our livers use to remove harmful metabolic wastes, chemicals, and generally icky things from the bloodstream!  These are just a few of the reasons garlic has been so treasured, and used in so many tasty food dishes, so season away and know that you’re doing something very good for yourself in the process.


Garlic in the Kitchen

Tired of peeling garlic?  You can smash it (just a little) using the flat side of a knife and the heel of your hand.  This will take the peel right off, and leave you with a clove ready to be chopped.

Not sure what to put it in?  Put fresh chopped garlic in with your favorite chicken, beef, turkey, anything really for added flavor.  It is also a favorite in roasting vegetables – simply toss your favorite vegetables in some olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and roast at 375 until crisp-tender (usually about 30 minutes, depending on the veggie).  Very tasty.

Making a homemade sauce, dressing, pesto, marinade or dip?  Everything is better with fresh garlic.