Statistics show that weight loss is annually the most reported New Year’s resolution.  The sad fact is that only about 30% of people will achieve their goal.  Even more is if you are over 50, you only have about 15% chance of achieving that goal.

With that in mind, we are here to offer you help with your weight loss goals.  Realizing that everyone is different we have provided plans to meet your needs.  Weight loss is a huge part of what we do because almost 75% of disease is obesity related.   Imagine getting those extra pounds off may help you fit into those pants now, but will also reduce your risk of cancer and diabetes in the future. 

It is important to have an optimal metabolism prior to starting any weight loss journey.  Accurate testing is essential to ensure the metabolism is working properly.  A slow metabolism is often undiagnosed and a major cause of weight gain and inability to lose weight.  We use a combination of metabolic testing by KORR and accurate body composition analysis with our PhysIQue scale.



Powerful yet simple eating plan and supplement to help lose weight and cleanse the body.  The plan includes 3 week guided weight loss program based on clean eating with slight calorie reduction along with Protoclear® (protein shake) that helps to get toxins built up in your body.  At visits weekly weigh-ins will ensure you are staying on track.  Typically participants can lose up to 10lbs, feel more energy, less abdominal bloating/digestive discomfort and discover hidden food allergens.

Cost  $275 (3 week) or  $375 (6 week)

Plan T-Transformations360

This super-effective program is a safe and natural method to literally melt your body fat without pills, hunger pangs, cravings, mood swings, low energy or exercise! By eating whole foods in the right balance of protein and carbs, you will bio-chemically set your body to naturally burn excess body fat, especially abdominal fat. The 5-week program includes weekly weigh-ins, medical supervision and all necessary supplies. Can be combined with the HCG Reset Program

Cost $495 (5 week), includes all visits and supplies

Plan H-HCG Reset Program

This popular form of medically-supervised weight loss is an effective way to lose up to 40 pounds in 6 weeks.  The program entails a specific diet and very small doses of HCG designed to unlock your metabolism and allow your body to burn fat. While on this plan, you will have the added benefit of learning new ways to grocery shop, cook, and eating – all of which will help you maintain your weight loss and create lasting lifestyle changes!

As part of your program, you will receive a complete program booklet, detailing all directions; food lists, daily and weekly logs, and frequently asked questions. You will also have a complete evaluation, and weekly follow-ups to ensure your success and your safety.  Basic lab work is required which is not included but often covered by insurance.

Cost  $250 (3 week) or $500 (6 week)

PLAN P-Phentermine assisted weight loss

Want to lose weight but just can’t control your impulses?  This may be the best to jump-start your weight loss plan.  With help from an appetite suppressing medication you will be able to stop obsessing about food and focus on creating healthier habits.  The cost does not include the medication but the prescription can be filled at any pharmacy.   Monthly visits with weigh-ins will ensure you are staying on track.

Evaluation cost $110 (medication not included)

Monthly follow up $40 (required for additional refills)

PLAN B-Metabolic B 

With weekly injections of specialized fat burning amino acids and vitamins you can achieve more.  This is ideal for those who already have a good plan in place (weight watchers, curves etc.)  These will help give you energy to kick your weight loss and achieve your goals sooner.

Cost $25 each or 5 for $100


Not sure which one is for you?  Just email us at info@desertwellnesscenter.com  or call to set up a free “meet and greet” to determine which plan would be best.  To schedule 480-361-5188