Many of us are facing some degree of “holiday hangover” this month. Whether we’re regretting the extra slice (or two) of pumpkin pie, a few too many cocktails, or just a general overindulgence that likely started around Halloween, it’s time to take care of our bodies again!

Holiday Hangover Help

We’ve got an arsenal of great tools to share with you that will help you get back on track and start the New Year in optimal health:

Natural Alcohol Detox. To help your liver recover from overindulgence, we recommend Lipo Plus.This supplement helps regenerate healthy tissue with a blend of nutrients including:

  • Choline‚ which helps to heal fatty liver tissue
  • Beet greens‚ antioxidants that may stop free radical damage and help the body produce bile
  • Black cohosh to soothe the nervous system
  • Pancreatin‚ a compound of digestive enzymes that helps the body break down food

We also prescribe IV vitamin therapy (including B-vitamins and magnesium) and homeopathic remedies to patients who are coming off a big weekend (like New Year’s) of partying to help their bodies recover more quickly.

Transformations 360. A Desert Wellness favorite! Eat whole foods in the right balance of protein and carbs to bio-chemically set your body to use your excess abdominal fat for fuel. This natural and completely safe 5-week program literally melts your body fat without pills, hunger pangs, cravings, bad moods, low energy or drop of sweat!

Cleanse. Three weeks is all it takes to feel more energetic and vibrant while losing weight with a medically supervised cleanse.  The Desert Wellness Cleanse uses a whole foods diet, power-packed with nutrients and the help of liver detoxifying smoothies that will help you lose weight while regaining your health. Most patients lose between 7-10lbs WITHOUT strict calorie reductions.  The program includes meal planning, shopping list and required supplements; all supervised by a physician.

HCG Reset Program. For more dramatic results, we offer the HCG Program. This popular, safe and effective program accelerates weight loss without damaging your metabolism or causing muscle loss. It is all-natural and includes healthy, whole foods from the grocery store (not shakes, bars, or pre-packaged food that tastes like cardboard). For many, it is the perfect way to break some bad habits and get in touch with your true appetite.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming New Year, New You Detox & Weight Loss Workshop!