Got the stuck-in-a-rut school lunch blues? Are you and your kids tired of the same boring sandwiches or processed, preservative-laden snack foods? Trust us– we know the struggle is real. This is when we turn to the nutritional geniuses at 100 Days of Real Food for inspiration!

We’re busy¬†parents and professionals, so for us it’s important to have quick, easy and healthful school lunch options on hand for our kids. Here are some of our favorite kid-tested meal plans (they make great after-school snacks too!).

School Lunch Ideas

First, consider investing in fun bento box-style food containers to make assembly easier, and reduce the necessity of washing so many containers.

Waffle Strips and fruit, with yogurt used as a dip! Make the waffles (extra crispy is best) using whole wheat batter the night before, cool and break into pieces and store in a sealed food container. Kids LOVE to dip foods, so try a fun combination of fruits (strawberries, raspberries, apple slices, mandarin oranges, etc.).

Cheese and Hummus Wraps using whole wheat tortillas, carrot sticks and whole wheat pretzels or crackers. Let the kids help you assemble!

Hard Boiled Egg with cut veggies, hummus for dip, fruit and whole wheat crackers– it’s so easy to boil several eggs the night before and refrigerate for easy lunch and snacking!

Turkey Pin Wheels made with lettuce, cheese, brown mustard on a whole wheat tortilla — ¬†just roll up and cut into finger-food sizes. Add veggie chips and fruit or baby carrots on the side.