The DWC’s 3-Step Plan to Detoxing Your Life

How about it, ladies and gents? Isn’t it time you start taking back your health? This three-step plan is going to give you enough information to get started.

Step 1-The Foods we eat

It’s time to start reading food labels more carefully.

  • Start by removing the “Dirty Dozen” – aka the pesticide filled delicious foods in our grocery stores. A quick Google search on gives you the updated list. You might as well just download the app and take it everywhere you go shopping.
  • Consider doing a month-long detox plan. Keep it simple and remove the common offenders. Say no to dairy, eggs, soy, corn, tree nuts, legumes, grains, processed foods, alcohol, all things gluten, and yes, even caffeine. Sorry! Have you heard of the Whole30 diet? It may be time to start!
  • Choose organic foods, or at least non-gmo foods whenever possible. Go for wild-caught fish (less mercury) and grass-fed/grass-finished meats.

Step 2-The Materials we use

It’s 2020 … are you still using plastics? If yes. That’s ok; we’ll change that.

  • Get that plastic bottle or that Starbucks cup and flip it over. I’ll wait! Ok, now, if it has a number #2 or #4, it’s the safest with no chemicals being leeched into the product. A #1 or #5 is ok, with some minor leeching but no detected health effects. A #3, #6 or #7, yikes we are entering the danger zone; these are your Starbucks cups and take-out containers.
  • Choose borosilicate glass containers instead for meal storage. Bring your own safer cups to use at your local coffee shop. You think that’s too much? These harmful chemicals can affect your hormones – and your children’s health. Now are you reconsidering the extra effort?

#3-The Products we utilize

This is a tough one!

  • We humans get attached to the products we use to clean and put on our bodies. Yet we are all aware of the paraben-free, BPA-free, phthalates-free labels on our products. But how many of us actually pay attention? Moms with children … this is for you, too. Little kiddos will put anything in their mouths, while you may be kissing them with lipsticks filled chemicals like triclosan, petrolatum, BHA/BHT, sulfate, etc. Just be conscientious of that.
  • So no, this does not mean to dump every chemical-filled product in your home. It’s about slowly discarding products that are finished and replacing them with healthier choices.
  • Consider looking at online websites like or Thrive Market. They have done the work for you (and they deliver!) for all of us who are busy. The EWG app also comes in handy before buying a new product at the store.

Lastly, for the overachievers out there, you get bonus points if you drink tons of water, have a bowel movement daily, make it to the gym at least three times a week, try out the sauna, get a massage, sit for an IV and remove the toxic people in your lives that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Happy New Year, from our family to yours!