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The Impact of Erectile Dysfunction on a Man’s Body

erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is rampant, and a condition that a wide variety of men deal with.

Global studies chart erectile dysfunction prevalence at anywhere between 3% and 80%, and contrary to popular belief, it also affects younger men — 26% of men under 40 today are dealing with it.

The impact of erectile dysfunction is clear. Men that live with ED experience both a mental and physical toll that shows up in numerous ways.

Working with a practice that provides ED treatment and clinic options can help you get your sex life back and your health as a whole. Use the tips below when you’re trying to get past erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Is a Sign of Poor Blood Flow

While there are psychological and emotional matters at play in many erectile dysfunction cases, many of them simply boil down to poor blood flow.

When you get an erection, your penis fills up with blood, thanks to the many veins and arteries your penis has. Since heart disease is the leading cause of death right now, it also shouldn’t be surprising that so many men are getting poor blood flow that shows up in the form of erectile dysfunction.

You can use cayenne extract to help stimulate your body’s blood flow. Potent doses of cayenne pepper are known to improve circulation and help your veins transport blood more efficiently.

In fact, physicians often tell people with heart issues to keep some cayenne extract available to take in the event of a heart attack. When you can improve blood flow, you can get to the root of your erectile dysfunction problems.

You Might Hold a Lot of Stress and Tension in Your Body

Men also deal with erectile dysfunction due to stress. It’s hard to get an erection when you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, either due to performance anxiety or everyday life stresses.

The better you’re able to manage your stress and cortisol hormone levels, the easier it is for your body to relax to the extent needed to achieve a full, firm erection.

Practicing mediation regularly allows you to access your parasympathetic nervous system and activates a relaxation response in your body. Setting a timer for 10 minutes to a half-hour and spending that time sitting, eyes closed, observing your breathing, can work wonders in helping you get rid of stress.

Obesity Is Often Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

Simply put, achieving full erections when sexual desire is at its peak is the sign of a healthy man. When you’re overweight and out of shape, your body will also have to work harder to achieve healthy erections.

If you’re overweight, a quality weight loss program will be able to help you out. Taking the time to trim down to a healthy weight for your height and build will increase your blood circulation, along with improving your breathing, which helps blood flow and helps to alleviate stress.

Develop a fitness program that involves lifting heavy weights, running, and otherwise training your body.

It Could Point to Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Issues

If you have a healthy sexual appetite but still can’t achieve an erection, schedule an appointment with your physician to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. These health-related issues are often linked, and taking ED pills would only serve as a stop-gap measure that doesn’t solve the overarching issue.

Once you know where your levels stand, you’ll be able to make lifestyle decisions that will get your blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

Low Testosterone Can Cause ED

Get your testosterone levels checked if you’re having erectile dysfunction issues. Erectile dysfunction hormones go hand in hand, and a dip in testosterone will dramatically affect your sex life.

When your testosterone levels are low, you’ll likely have a lower libido, less drive, depression, and will flat out not feel like yourself. If your examination confirms that you have low testosterone levels, you can go on a hormone therapy regimen, and also have the option of undergoing a series of natural methods.

Resistance exercises and healthy eating alone can work wonders in improving your testosterone levels. You’ll feel like your old self again, and will be better able to achieve erections without stress or worry.

You May Have Some Poor Habits

There are several lifestyle habits that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Cigarette smoke is bad for the heart, which can lead to ED problems. Eating heavily processed foods can also throw off your testosterone levels and make it difficult to maintain the same sex drives.

You may also have poor sexual habits, or trauma, or negative associations surrounding sex that lead to mental withdrawal and performance anxiety. These types of issues should be worked out with the help of a therapist.

Once you get to the root cause of your ED problems, make a pact with yourself to cut out the negative habits that enable this problem.

People Who Are Underslept Often Suffer Erectile Dysfunction

Finally, something as simple as getting more sleep will work wonders for you. When your body is lacking rest, it goes into self-preservation mode.

As a result, things like sex drive, which aren’t immediately necessary to your survival can take a hit. You’ll also see more improvements in your health from your workouts when you allow your body to rest up enough for the gains to take place.

Get the Help That You Need With Your Erectile Dysfunction Issues

When you have erectile dysfunction, it’s a problem that can trickle down into several areas of your life. Taking care of this issue head-on involves the right information, and getting in touch with pros that can assist you when you need them.

Let Desert Wellness Center help you out with these and several other issues that you might be having.

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