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Kybella in Tempe AZ: The Benefits of Non Surgical Jawline Contouring for a Youthful Jawline

Kybella in Tempe AZ

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The jawline is one of the most important features on your face. It frames your neck and can make you look either youthful or older, depending on how it’s shaped. Kybella in Tempe, AZ, provides non-surgical contouring treatments that are both safe and effective.

Kybella in Tempe, AZ offers you the benefits of non-surgical jawline contouring. Non-surgical contouring is a new treatment that can reduce fat beneath the skin when injected around the jawline. As a result, it provides you with an instantly slimmer look with no downtime.

If you have been thinking about Kybella injections, it’s time to take action!

Is Kybella in Tempe AZ for You?

Kybella in Tempe, AZ, was developed by Allergan for jaw contouring treatment. Kybella treats patients with moderate to severe fullness or volume under their chin or what’s called submental fullness. This injectable solution contains deoxycholic acid, which helps break down fat cells under the chin area.

Kybella® is a cosmetic procedure that uses deoxycholic acid to target and breaks down fat cells. When a licensed naturopathic physician injects it into fatty areas, there is a metabolic breakdown of lipids inside fatty tissue. It is that process that leads to permanent fatty tissue removal without any surgical intervention.

Results are seen almost immediately after injection and last up to 18 months!

What Are The Benefits of Kybella?

The benefits of Kybella become apparent if you are one of the many people with neck fat that you’ve been fighting for months or even years. You may have heavy jowls, which make you self-conscious in social settings. The benefits of Kybella become tenfold by providing smoother contours around your mouth and jawline.

Kybella’s results are significant and can provide a long-term solution to your neck and jaw contouring needs. Most patients require two or four treatments spaced about one month apart. Another benefit of Kybella is that its the ONLY non-surgical treatment that contours and improves the appearance of submental fullness.

What is Kybella?

Kybella, an injectable formula made up primarily of Deoxycholic Acid, which targets fat cells in your chin region. Kybella doesn’t affect any of your chin area’s surrounding tissue or nerves. In addition, this injectable treatment saves you time because it doesn’t require downtime as liposuction or neck lift surgeries do!

As an anti-aging regimen, eliminating your extra chin can work wonders for your face. Nothing screams youth like a smooth jawline and taut skin that looks years younger. Kybella is unique in that it provides you with what some people call ‘eternal beauty’ in about thirty minutes!

Your targeted fat is gone for good. Unfortunately, most people are unaware fat cells stop reproducing in their teens. These cells can expand, but they can’t replicate once you hit your twenties. The only way to get rid of fat cells after this time is to remove them manually through a cosmetic treatment or procedure.

Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring

Before Kybella treatments were available, you were pretty much stuck with your jawline and neck fat content after high school. Fortunately, we live in the tech golden age where people have options. If you don’t like your chin or profile anymore, then this contouring treatment is perfect.

All fat removed during these sessions will never come back. This makes it easy on both patients & Kybella treatment providers in Tempe, AZ. The lack of downtime from work or your social life is so much easier than more complicated surgical procedures.

One of the best reasons to have non-surgical jawline contouring with Kybella is because it provides natural-looking results. After receiving a cosmetic procedure, your body takes time to remove the fat cells. This makes for a more gradual change into your new look.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring

This treatment offers non-surgical jawline contouring benefits that are safe and time-tested results. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this product in 2015 after it passed rigorous clinical trials. The clinical trial results provided treatments that were effective as well as safe for public use!

The injection offers satisfaction through a non-surgical cosmetic procedure and treatment at affordable prices from highly trained professionals. When you visit the Desert Wellness Center, the discreet cosmetic procedure offers significant advantages overdramatic transformations. Any plastic surgery treatment gives away the treatments you’ve had done to improve your looks or turn back the hands of time.

Do I Need Kybella?

The question you need to ask yourself is, “am I unhappy with my chin or profile?” If your answer is yes, then Kybella is a low-risk alternative to surgery for chin imperfections. Also, if you are unhappy with the way your profile looks due to age or personal preference, Kybella is a solution.

Kybella is a reversible procedure that doesn’t require invasive surgical intervention. That’s why if you are unhappy with your jaw contour and profile, this is an ideal treatment to consider. Also, some patients are happy with the shape of their chins.

But they might not think it matches other features on their face. So if that’s the case, this is the option for you.

When Kybella Works For You Best

Kybella works for you best when you want to correct a physical imperfection that has been difficult to live with all these years. Kybella in Tempe, AZ, provides a treatment that can transform your profile and life. The first thing to do is schedule a consultation with us.

We’ll examine your submental fullness and offer our expertise in Kybella treatments. Your face is your showroom. That’s why choosing the right neck and jaw contour is important. Cosmetic surgery can make people feel more confident with themselves.

If you are ready to find out how this treatment can transform your profile and life, call The Desert Wellness Center and schedule an appointment. There is something better than scheduling a Kybella treatment. It is looking better and younger after Kybella treatment, but no one knows what was done but YOU______!

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