What to Include in Your Diet for Prediabetes

diet for prediabetes

Close to 96 million Americans have prediabetes. After diagnosis, one of the first questions people ask is, “what can I eat?”. We’re here to announce the good news—you have a ton of great food choices. Eating right doesn’t mean eating boring. Southwestern-style turkey meatloaf, super spicy beef chili, and savory lemon chicken with rosemary and […]

How to Go About Testing for Autoimmune Disease

testing for autoimmune disease

Did you know that more than 24 million people in the United States are living with an autoimmune disease? These conditions can be devastating, causing pain, inflammation, fatigue, and much more. But how do you know if you’re one of the people living with one of these conditions? Testing for autoimmune disease can be challenging, […]

What Is the Best Treatment for IBS? A Complete Overview

best treatment for IBS

Nearly 37.2 million physician office visits stem around digestive system diagnoses. Emergency room visits for digestive issues encompass 7.9 million! IBS is a gut or intestinal disorder that impacts millions of Americans, limiting participation in social events, hobbies, work, and more. If you or a loved one has dealt with a gut disorder, you may […]

Natural Menopause: Age, Stages, Symptoms, & Treatment

Menopause symptoms

Menopause symptoms last an average of 4-5 years, which is a long time for many women to struggle with hormonal changes. This is especially true since many people don’t know what exactly menopause does to the body and what symptoms are normal for menopausal and postmenopausal women. Educating yourself on menopause is essential for your […]

Hormonal Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments and Prevention

Hormonal Hair Loss

It is normal to lose some of your hair every day, and a loss between around 50-100 hairs every day is completely normal. If your hair loss exceeds that, it could be for any number of factors, including hormonal hair loss or genetic predisposition. If you have concerns, you will want to learn as much […]

IV Therapy Benefits: Increase Your Energy and Recovery

IV Therapy benefits

Ava was always tired before noon. It didn’t matter how much she slept in or how early she went to bed the night before. Before lunchtime, Ava would always feel overcome with a wave of fatigue. Are you tired of your mind and body turning off when you need them the most? If you’re looking […]

Maintaining a Healthy Prostate: Prevention, Symptoms, and Testing in Tempe, AZ

healthy prostate

Prostate health is an important element of your wellbeing. The prostate keeps the male reproductive system well-nourished, and it helps keep urinary and sex organs working properly.  Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy prostate can be a challenge. Prostate conditions are not uncommon. Studies suggest up to 8.2% of men struggle with chronic prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis typically […]

The Link Between Mental Health and Physical Health (and How to Maintain it) in Tempe, AZ

mental health and physical health

Almost 50% of Americans will have a mental health illness diagnosis during their life. Every year, almost 20% of the population is currently dealing with mental health issues.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed mental health as one of the contributors to chronic physical conditions. But just how closely linked are mental […]

7 Types of Weight Loss Fasting and Their Benefits Explained: Tempe, AZ

weight loss fasting

Are you curious about weight loss fasting and its potential benefits? In the past few years, fasting went from an old-fashioned practice to a modern approach to health and weight loss. You’ve probably heard first-hand anecdotes from people who used intermittent fasting to boost their energy levels, shed excess weight, and kickstart their metabolism. Current […]

Put Your Health First: Treating and Testing For High Cholesterol in Tempe, AZ

testing for high cholesterol

Many women and men don’t understand how important testing for high cholesterol is until it’s sometimes too late. There is a proven link between high cholesterol and diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, and even cancer. But, caring about health unknowns is difficult if you lead a busy and hectic life. You care about yourself and […]