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The health and wellness of a mother and her newborn are deeply connected. During the first weeks and months of a baby’s life, much attention is placed on caring for the new addition to the family–and with good reason! However, this can sometimes lead to a lack of focus on the mother’s care at a time when she needs it most.

We understand the importance of nurturing and enriching the profound mother-newborn connection. Our New Beginnings Program offers comprehensive, holistic care for both Mom and Baby, using a variety of Naturopathic treatments – all in the same appointment.

Program Details

Postpartum health for Mom (three visits):

  • Breastfeeding support and post-delivery healing
  • Recommended supplements to support healing and breastfeeding
  • Discuss emotional well-being, adjusting to new baby, preparing to go back to work
  • Healthy diet/nutrition

Newborn health (four visits):

  • Well-checks at 3-5 days, 2, 4 and 8 weeks
  • Pregnancy and birth history, family history, social history, assess feeding/elimination/sleep
  • Assess development and growth
  • Discuss proper baby care, fevers, handling baby, crowds, sun, rashes, safety, colic, understanding cues/infant behavior, tummy time
  • New Baby/Mom packet with helpful tips, feeding/diaper log
  • Vaccination education and information (vaccinations administered if desired)

*Supplements, labs and vaccines provided at an extra charge. Guaranteed same day or next day appointments.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call  480-361-5188. 

Expectant mothers receive a free 15 minute meet and greet appointment with Dr. Smialek too!

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