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Take a moment to picture your ideal life. Are you living it now?

What gets in the way of you living your Best Life? Perhaps it’s a fear of making a change in your personal life, career or relationship. Maybe you feel like your life is just too busy or stressful now, and “someday” you’ll have the time and energy to start that new job, take that incredible trip, discover a new passion or hobby, and BE the person you long to be.

What if you were offered the tools to take your power back  RIGHT NOW?    What would you do with them? What could you achieve?

Don’t wait for “someday”!

It’s time to find out RIGHT NOW!

On Saturday, April 8th, join Dr. Barbara Ezrre for a life-changing workshop where you’ll discover:

  • How to break free from the past and live in the present with intention, instead of reaction
  • The ill-effects on the mind and body when dealing with long-term stress and why you have more control over the stress in your life than you think
  • Learn hands-on, right now, “in-your-tool-belt” techniques for freeing you from negative emotions, thought patterns, and triggers that are holding you back from a life you love!
  • How to envision your ideal life, ask for and manifest what YOU want
  • You’ll also learn how to reduce everyday stress and manage emotions with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Each participant will receive a Strategies for Living your Best Life workbook containing exercises that can be practiced at home.

To reserve your spot with Dr. Barbara Ezrre—call us today at 480-361-5188

This is a hands-on, interactive experience to empower you to take the lead in creating the life you want!

Don’t miss this AWESOME opportunity for yourself!

Here’s to living a life you love with passion and fulfillment!

Tuition:  $199 ($179 for the first 6 people to register!)

Register early – Seating is limited!

Call to Register 480-361-5188



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