Call our office at 480-361-5188
Prior to your first visit, please download and fill out the appropriate patient documents, and check out our FAQ if you have any questions!

If you would like Naturopathic primary care:

  • The first visit will entail a comprehensive interview/physical which takes about an hour. We’ll discuss your current symptoms, your health history, what your goals are, and different lifestyle factors that may be contributing. We’ll do a head-to-toe physical exam, and then discuss a treatment plan together. We may order labwork, prescribe supplements or medications, give you a diet plan to follow, etc.

If you are keeping your primary care elsewhere, and simply want acupuncture or prolotherapy:

  • If our involvement in your healthcare is minimal, and you would simply like treatment as an adjunct (or another doctor referred you), we can do an abbreviated intake. We will only talk about that specific complaint, and ask the necessary questions to be sure that acupuncture or prolotherapy are right for you. This usually takes about half an hour, which would entail a consultation fee, but only for that first visit.
  • You can download paperwork from the website, or we can email or fax the necessary forms to you so that you can fill them out at your own pace at home. If you would prefer to fill them out in the office, please arrive 30-45minutes before your appointment time.