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“Finally a doctor who really listens to everything… and treats my whole being… not just one particular issue.  Dr. Lussier is a wealth of knowledge and has guided me through naturopathic solutions towards a healthier me.  Priceless!”

B.B., Chandler, AZ

“Seeing Dr. Lussier on a regular basis has helped me tremendously. With a rigorous training regimen, I was lacking proper nutrition, supplements and vitamins. In Dr. Lussier’s care, I have enough energy to get through my training and I have reached many of my goals without jeopardizing my health or my progress.”

Jenn-Chandler, AZ

“With a family history of Thyroid issues, I knew something was not right. For several years, the conventional Thyroid kept coming up Normal. Dr. Lussier read my test results and knew right away that the numbers were low. Between adjusting my hormones and eating habits, I feel great.”

Victoria V.

“For years I suffered with constant pain from severe degenerative osteoarthritis on both knees and was told by doctors that total knee replacement on both knees was my best option. Dr. Cronin treated me with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy. These are injections of my body’s own platelets which stimulate a healing reaction in my knees. I was pain free instantly and have been pain free for over 6 months! My quality of life has improved as I now sleep through the night free of pain, and more importantly, I now have the ability to be more active with my kids! Thank you Dr. Cronin and Desert Wellness Center!”

J. Valenzuela

“I spent the better part of the year miserable, not knowing what was going on with me. I had seen multiple doctors who couldn’t give me an answer and treated me like I was crazy, until meeting with Dr. Cronin. She is hands down the best practitioner I have ever met. She takes the time to actually listen to me in order to properly diagnose AND treat me. I also really appreciate how she has educated me throughout the process and encourages my involvement. You can tell Dr. Cronin loves what she does and truly wants to help her patients. I feel blessed to have found her!”

Abby M.

“I came to Dr.Cronin working on adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and under performing thyroid, basically feeling tired, worn out, and uninspired. She worked with me on perfecting the supplements I needed, the right amount of bio-identical hormones for my body, and helped me to look at what I was eating and how that was affecting me. She also suggested doing food allergy testing which we did and I am already seeing a difference with that. I have worked with other Dr’s trying to work on this and found Dr.Cronin to be exceptionally better at listening and working with me. She also streamlines everything so the time we spend together is well used and keeps costs down. I have been recommending her to everyone!”

Tarasa Haase

“I started here with Dr. Ezzre and since have seen Drs. Lussier and Cronin and they are all really great. Very skilled, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Dr. Ezzre really takes her time with me to address all my concerns. I am so happy to have switched from a traditional doctor.”

Jennifer C.

“I had low back pain for 3 years from a car accident.  During that time I went to chiropractors, physical therapy, orthopedic surgeon, a pain specialist, acupuncturist, massage and stretch therapy with minimal relief.  Within 1 month after one  PRP treatment my pain is down to a zero.  Dr. Cronin did a great job and her treatment was easy.  I wish I would have done it sooner.”

Lynn H.

“For several years my MD was not able to help me after my thyroidectomy and I felt miserable. After my first visit with Dr. Cronin I knew I would get my life back. She gave me the care I had been wanting. She cared about my concerns and got me where I needed to be. She’s been a Godsend for my family. We all see her now and each of us has had great life changing health improvement. Our quality of life is amazing and we could not be happier with the care we have received. Absolutely love Dr. Cronin and Desert Wellness!!”

Yvette L.