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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Supplements

Natural supplements are a way to support the body’s nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalances and restore the body to health. The physicians at Desert Wellness Center have over 30 years combined clinical experience in helping patients reach optimal health through lifestyle counseling, nutritional supplementation and medication therapy as needed.
Not all supplements are created equal. Because supplements are not regulated by the FDA, companies can be untruthful about what they put on the label. The product lines that are chosen by Desert Wellness Center are professional-grade supplements that have the highest quality control standards and undergo strict potency and purity testing. This assures that patients are receiving what is stated on the label. By choosing supplements that are hypoallergenic with minimal fillers and additives, patients are receiving the best quality nutrients, which the body can more readily absorb and utilize, ensuring a therapeutic effect.
You can pick up your supplements at Desert Wellness Center. You can also take advantage of our easy online ordering and have them shipped directly to your home!
Amazon does not require quality measures from companies selling online. Therefore, supplements do not have to be stored in temperature-controlled warehouses. In addition, many brand name supplements sold on Amazon are counterfeit, stolen or expired products. Please discuss with your doctor if you would like alternative recommendations for purchasing supplements.

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