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Juvederm products are used to restore the youthful fullness of cheeks, lips, smile lines and even fill in scars without surgery. Each are formulated with a hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in all cells. You can be confident of a safe and subtle treatment knowing that your treatment is ALWAYS perfomed by a licensed physician.

We use a family of products to customize the treatment and provide a natural and lasting result. There 3 Juvederm products that help to smooth, lift or plump the areas needing correction. The type of product is determined by the area of concern. Here are some examples:

Mid Face/Cheeks:

Voluma is excellent at providing lift and volume to the cheek area. Often the smile lines and “jowls” are improved as well. This filler is the longest lasting on the market. You can expect up to 2 years of correction.

Before and After Voluma + Juvederm Ultra

Smile and Marionette Lines:

Juvederm Ultra Plus is used for the “parenthesis” lines around the mouth as well as in the chin area for marionette lines as well. It helps to hydrate and soften for a natural youthful appearance.


Juvederm Ultra is used around the mouth for fine lines and to plump the lips. It can be used to create fullness for thin lips or to softer the vertical lines that cause lip stick to spread. This product lasts up to 1 year.

Lip Plump with Juvederm Ultra

The physician will assess your goals and discuss which areas you would like corrected. Creating a natural look is our goal and can be done with your budget in mind. Juvederm also pairs nicely with Botox® or PRP facial rejuvenation for an overall facial rejuvenation.

With the treatment you will notice less time spent covering up or shading unwanted lines with mountains of makeup. Upon com have a natural look that will only enhance your inner beauty without a distracting overfilled profile.

The treatment is completed in about 30 minutes. A topical anesthetic is used to ease the discomfort. After the injections, make up can be applied to the treated area. The results are immediate and some mild swelling may occur for about a day. This treatment has no downtime or activity restrictions! Enjoy the results for up to 1 year. The number of syringes needed to achieve your goal will vary but can be discussed at your free consultation. Call now to schedule 480-361-5188.