This technique has been developed over thousands of years, originating in China. It is a wonderful treatment for a number of ailments, including pain, headaches, stress, cold/flu, infertility, etc.

A single treatment lasts about 30-45 minutes, and some patients experience immediate results. This is something you can do weekly for an acute condition or just as needed for a “tune-up”. You can expect to have very small needles inserted into specific points in the body – they are nearly painless, and most people don’t even feel them being inserted. Once placed, you may feel a dull ache or a heavy sensation in that area, but no pain, and most people feel extremely relaxed. This means that the treatment is working.

There is no consensus on why acupuncture works – we just know that it works, and works well. Conventional medicine subscribes to the “Pain Gate Theory” essentially saying that the needles confuse your body’s pain sensing nerves, and so the needles therefore can relieve pain. Eastern medicine subscribes to the Qi (pronounced “chee”) Theory, which states that our energy flows through our body in specific ways and when that flow is disrupted it can cause pain or other symptoms. We can access that energy (or meridian) through acupuncture needles and restore normal energy flow, and thereby reduce pain or eliminate other symptoms. Either way, at the end of the day you’ll feel better!

Cost $50 per visit. First time acupuncture patients will require 30 minute consultation visit