Hormone Imbalance can trigger weight gain and make weight loss difficult.  In women an imbalance in estrogen, progesterone or testosterone can cause weight to deposit around the arms, breasts and hips and thighs.  In men weight gain is associated with low testosterone or high levels of estrogen.  These are correctable with diet, nutrition or herbal support.

Our doctors are board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging, which means they are highly trained to look for hormone imbalances, including thyroid, adrenal/cortisol, estrogen, testosterone and even insulin, which may be standing in your way. Once we’ve identified the imbalance it can be corrected with supplements and possibly bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. It truly is remarkable how much easier weight loss becomes when these imbalances are no longer holding you back. For a nice summary, read this article.

You may not have heard the terms “endocrine disruptor” or “obesogen”, but these are words with which your Naturopathic Doctor is deeply familiar. Environmental toxins and chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, cleaning agents, artificial fragrances, and more) carry these side effects, meaning that they interfere with your metabolism and hormones, in addition to causing obesity.

Women and men of all ages experience hormone imbalance.  Knowing the signs and symptoms can help.

Common Hormone Imbalance Concerns for Women:


Irregular/Painful Periods



Low Libido



Weight Gain

Thyroid Disorders


Skin Changes: melasma, acne, aging skin


Wellness Exams/PAP smear

Birth Control

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (HPV/Herpes)

Vaginal Infections/Yeast Infections

Common Hormone Imbalance Concerns for Men:

Low Testosterone

Erectile disfunction


Weight Gain

Thyroid Disorders

Prostate Enlargement/Prostatitis

Common Hormone Concerns for Teens:


Irregular/Heavy Periods

Mood Swings


Birth Control

Comprehensive Evaluation:

The highly trained physicians at Desert Wellness Center will facilitate a comprehensive evaluation including an hour long interview, exam and specialty testing.  The evaluation includes a review of health history to determine if there are other conditions such as insulin resistance (diabetes), adrenal dysfunction or hypothyroidism that may be contributing.

Testing can help identify imbalances in hormones.  At Desert Wellness Center, we use a combination of blood, saliva and urinary testing to identify imbalances.

Nutrition is important for hormone health and optimization.  Traditional diets containing high fat and sugar easily alter natural hormone production.  A hormone-balancing nutritional plan is always the foundation of our treatment.

Treatment Options:


Herbal Medicine


Bio-identical Hormone Replacement