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Spider veins are unsightly, but do not typically pose a health risk.  In Arizona they are more of a concern because the warm weather leads to a very long shorts season.  Having visible spider veins can create embarrassment and keep legs hiding even in hot weather.  Stop hiding and get them treated with a simple treatment called sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy has played a vital role in treatment of veins since the 1950s.  Over time the solutions became even more refined.  Desert Wellness Center uses Asclera, an FDA approved medication for the treatment of spider veins.  The solution is considered by many experts to be the best choice for treating spider veins because of its high satisfactory rating:


During the 30-minute procedure, the Asclera solution is injected with a very small needle into the vein.  The solution triggers the sealing off of the spider veins.  The vein is then re absorbed by the body.  Compression hose are used to aid in proper healing and reduce any post procedure discomfort.

2-3 sessions are usually indicated, and can lead to about 80% improvement in the appearance of the veins.  New veins can always form, but this is where the doctors at Desert Wellness Center can help.  We also provide nutritional and exercise recommendations to help slow re-occurance of spider veins.

Although laser vein treatment is available, it can be more expensive and more painful.  The laser has to go through the skin to get to the spider vein.  This generates heat which is painful and can lead to damage of the skin and permanent scarring.  Sclerotherapy treats the vein at the source so the skin is less likely to be impacted.

Prior to treatment, the doctor will examine your legs to ensure this is a safe and appropriate treatment. Spider veins can be an indicator of venous insufficiency (varicose vein disease).  If so, we are happy to refer you to a qualified specialist.  Call now to schedule a free consultation 480-361-5188.

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