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Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation

Revive your vibe with one treatment and no down time!

Bothered by urinary leakage or painful sex?

Benefits of Viveve

Viveve is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment for women. Just one 60-minute procedure rebuilds tissue and collagen for more strength and natural lubrication.

Unlike other treatments can be painful or require multiple treatments, Viveve is painless and requires only one procedure. It also involves no hormones, making it safe for women with hormonal cancers.

Stronger vaginal tissue means more control over bladder leakage and improved sexual function. Enjoy the intimate part of your relationship, and delight in being a woman again!

Viveve Can Help

What to Expect

Viveve vaginal rejuvenation is a single 60-minute procedure at the Desert Wellness Center with no down time.

You’ll relax in a comfortable room with peaceful music as one of our highly skilled naturopathic physicians completes the procedure.

Radio frequency is used to deeply heat the vaginal tissue while cooling the surface. The cryo-cooled device makes the entire procedure pain-free.

You will have no down time and begin to feel a difference within 2 weeks. Within just 3 months, you’ll fully enjoy all the benefits of Viveve.

Patient Results

How to Get Started

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Contact us to book your appointment or a free 15-minute consult to get all your questions answered.

Single Treatment

Meet with one of our naturopathic physicians for a brief consultation and your 60-minute Viveve treatment.

Lasting Results

You’ll notice improvements within 2 weeks and the full effects of more vaginal tone and lubrication within just 3 months.