Why should we Detox?

Detoxification aka “Detox” is a process that is continually going on in the body — particularly in the liver and kidneys.  This process gets bogged down due to the overwhelming influx of chemicals from the environment.  The 3 weeks is a jump start to give the body a break and chance to catch up.  The toxins stored in the body can be contributing to symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, allergies and weight gain.  They can even disrupt hormones: Hormone Article.

You may not have heard the terms “endocrine disruptor” or “obesogen”, but these are words with which your Naturopathic Doctor is deeply familiar. Environmental toxins and chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, cleaning agents, artificial fragrances, and more) carry these side effects, meaning that they interfere with your metabolism and hormones, in addition to causing obesity. When confronted with toxicants, the body protects itself by removing them from the bloodstream and storing them in fat. Another attempt to protect you is to dilute the concentration of these toxicants, which can only be done by increasing the amount of fat in which to store them. Losing fat is only part of the story – in order to keep the weight off you need to decrease the concentration of toxicants in your body. This is where detoxification comes in! Here are some simple things you can do to reduce your toxin load: Reduce your toxins. In addition, your Naturopathic Physician will prescribe targeted nutrients and botanicals to facilitate liver function, bowel function, excretion and elimination. This is a comfortable process, and one that we tailor to your health and lifestyle.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone!  It is always a good idea to do some form of detoxification 1-2 times per year.  This is ideal for anyone who has allergies, joint pain, problems with digestion or has a long term illness.  It clears up inflammation, and with that, pain reduction is a result.

When should I Detox?

Anytime that you have 3 weeks to focus on your own health.  It is a great time to gain insight on food and lifestyle choices.  It is often a time of reflection and serves as an instigator of  lifelong changes.