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Hormone Optimization

Custom Compounded Bioidentical Hormones & BioTE

Hormonal changes bring unique challenges over time

Benefits of Natural Hormone Optimization

Natural therapies, like bioidentical hormones, herbs, and nutrition, work WITH your body to optimize your health.

Bioidentical hormones are exactly like the hormones produced in your body. Your cells easily recognize and utilize them – without the unwanted risks of synthetic hormones.

If using bioidentical hormones as part of your treatment, we customize the hormone prescription to be safe and effective for you. They can be formulated as pills, creams, gels, or pellets to perfectly match your needs.

Naturopathic Medicine Can Help




What to Expect

Hormone optimization begins with a comprehensive consultation with one of Desert Wellness’ highly trained physicians, including an interview, exam, and hormone testing.

Testing is done with a simple blood test to identify hormonal imbalances and to screen for underlying conditions.

Based on your lab results, we will develop a complete naturopathic plan, which may include herbs, supplements, or bioidentical hormone therapy. Everything will be customized to your unique biochemistry and health goals.

We are BioTE Certified

BioTE hormone pellets offer a unique way to deliver natural hormone therapy. The pellets are inserted just beneath the skin near your hip. This allows the hormones to enter directly into your body without needing to pass through your digestive tract or liver.

Pellets can keep your hormones consistent and optimized for 3-4 months (for women) and 4-5 months (for men), at which point we replace the pellets.

We are Platinum Providers of BioTE, meaning we’ve undergone extensive training to qualify as one of BioTE’s top providers in the US.

Hormone Optimization Therapies Available

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How to Get Started

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Comprehensive Consult

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