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Ozone Therapy

Boost immune health & healing - naturally!

For when your body is run down...

Our bodies are made to heal, but sometimes this natural ability can be overwhelmed by things like:
Ozone Therapy has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities—without drugs, surgeries, or side effects.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone is an ultra-pure and ultra-concentrated form of oxygen that works by increasing oxygen utilization. At a deep and cellular level, ozone activates the body’s antioxidant defenses, improves mitochondrial function, and stimulates healing. We can administer ozone through IV therapy or through regenerative joint injections (Prozolone™).

Benefits of Ozone Therapy Include:

We Offer 2 Types of Ozone Therapy: IV & Prozolone™

IV Ozone

Ozone is infused through an intravenous injection to for antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and metabolism-boosting effects. This can help with:


Ozone is administered through a joint injection to reduce inflammation and stimulate cartilage production. This can help with:

What to expect from IV Ozone

Before receiving IV ozone therapy, we need to first do a health screening and run labs to check your G6PD levels to ensure your safety. This screening visit will be a 30-minute visit with one of our naturopathic physicians.

On the day of the IV ozone procedure, we recommend drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. One of our physicians will draw blood from a vein into a bag and then infuse medical-grade ozone into that blood. You’ll see it bubbling through!

The ozonated blood will be re-administered through an IV. Some people notice immediate benefits, while others notice improvements within a week.

Depending on your condition, we will recommend either one treatment (for acute conditions) or a series of treatments (for chronic conditions).

What to expect from Prozolone™

Prozolone™ is a non-surgical alternative to improve joint stability and mobility after injuries or degeneration. The procedure involves careful injection of medical-grade ozone around the joint area. The needles are tiny and cause minimal pain or discomfort, making this a much gentler treatment than larger and more painful injections, such as corticosteroids.

The treatment delivers oxygen to the tissues, stimulates cartilage regeneration, reduces swelling, and improves mobility. There is a fast recovery time, minimal side effects, and long-lasting results.

Enjoy the benefits of Ozone Therapy at Desert Wellness Center — one of Tempe’s leading integrative health centers.

Desert Wellness Center in Tempe, AZ, brings you a team of licensed naturopathic physicians with expertise across multiple specialties.

Our physicians have administered thousands of injection therapies and are skilled and experienced to deliver ozone therapy safely and gently. Rest assured we use pure medical-grade ozone and follow protocols that have demonstrated safety and efficacy in thousands of research studies.

While ozone therapy can be administered just once for acute situations, we often recommend it as part of a more comprehensive health plan. Please book a free 15-minute consultation to find out if ozone therapy is right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hundreds of research papers confirm the safety of ozone therapy. Our physicians are highly trained to take all necessary precautions and administer only pure medical-grade ozone safely and gently.
One misconception about ozone therapy is that it causes free radical damage or oxidative stress in the body. Actually, its effects are exactly the opposite. Ozone activates the body’s own antioxidant defense systems (such as glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase) to help to neutralize free radicals. Ozone also improves oxygen utilization in the mitochondria, further boosting antioxidant capacity.
Many chronic conditions disrupt the immune system, including autoimmune diseases, chronic viral infections, and SIBO. These conditions involve increased inflammation and free radical damage. Ozone therapy helps to reduce the damage caused by free radicals and reduce chronic inflammation. It also has antimicrobial properties to help clear chronic infections.
Weight gain, type 2 diabetes, or a slowing metabolism often involve impaired mitochondrial function at the cellular level. The mitochondria are responsible for generating energy but decline in number and function with age or chronic illness. Ozone therapy improves oxygen utilization in the mitochondria, which translates to better energy production and a boosted metabolism.
When injected in and around the joint tissues, ozone therapy directly stimulates regeneration of cartilage, reduces swelling, and improves joint mobility. By increasing oxygenation and circulation to the joint, ozone therapy initiates a healing response that is long-lasting.
At Desert Wellness Center, we offer a free 15-minute consult with one of our naturopathic physicians. We will make recommendations and answer any questions you have.

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