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Bringing the Scientific Benefits of Fasting to Everyone

Fasting has existed for centuries. It’s part of almost every religion, culture, and has been practiced since the beginning of time. In recent years, we’ve slowly migrated away from fasting and instead eat in an uninterrupted manner, oftentimes without even being hungry to begin with. However, fasting has an abundance of health benefits and helps give our bodies the time and energy it needs to do its job efficiently. The effects of fasting on a cellular level shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you’ve been feeling like you’re not meeting your health goals, you could improve your overall wellness, or you just need a health reset. Unfortunately, fasting isn’t as easy as it sounds.

So many people turn to social media without doing scientific research and end up starving themselves instead of approaching fasting responsibly. Then, we’re surrounded by stimuli that encourage us to indulge, eat, or drink the newest, most delicious, substances and we immediately fall off the wagon and end up binge-eating to make up for the mild periods of starvation. That’s not how fasting works. Fasting is a conscious effort that allows you to work with your body’s internal functions to get the most out of your mental, physical, and emotional health. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s where ProLon comes in.

The Process

ProLon is a five-day journey and surveyed users say they even have improved mental clarity, focus, and energy after finishing the fast. Using a scientifically researched combination of micro- and macro nutrients, you’ll be able to nourish your body while still enabling it to enter a fasting state that provides both metabolic and cellular benefits. The first few days of the journey help your body switch to fat-burning mode so that you can begin cellular clean-up, cellular recycling, and cellular renewal. During the five days of the fast, you’ll nourish your body with unique nutrient ratios to help deliver many of the benefits of prolonged fasts using scientifically formulated plant-based ingredients that help your body enter and stay in a state that mimics fasting.

The Results

ProLon clients have consistently seen a transformation in their body that has led to long-lasting changes such as healthier eating habits, reduced food cravings, and better portion control. The ProLon system is backed by years of research revolving around fasting, fat burning, ketosis, autophagy, cellular rejuvenation, and renewal. ProLon is different from fad dieting schemes, it’s a real system that works with your natural body to produce results and encourage healthy habits.

ProLon works by using a scientifically researched process that triggers cellular rejuvenation for healthy aging and supports overall metabolic health. If you’re looking for weight loss, healthy aging, or metabolic balance, talk to your doctor about starting ProLon today. If you’re like most ProLon users surveyed, you’ll find yourself better able to meet your health goals, and with more mental clarity, focus, and energy – all of which are important to your overall feeling of wellbeing. If you’re interested in trying ProLon* and taking back your cellular health today, call the professionals at Desert Wellness today.

*In a clinical study, ProLon® is shown over three cycles to help individuals lose an average of 5.7 lbs and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference. Benefits seen in a clinical study of the 5-day ProLon cycle once a month for three months.

Benefits of ProLon®


Fast & Healthy Weight Loss


Great Taste

Convenient & Easy

Great Taste

Treatments Include:

ProLon® meals come in 5 small boxes (one for each day) that include plant-based energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements, all studied and carefully designed to nourish your body and maintain healthy levels of metabolic markers, cellular rejuvenation, and healthy aging.

ProLon ingredients are primarily plant-based and do not contain additives, preservatives* or chemicals.

*ProLon energy drink contains the natural preservative polylysine.

ProLon market research and consumer panels demonstrated:

  • Very good taste
  • Convenient and easy day-by-day packaging
  • Minimal disruption to daily lifestyle

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