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Regenerative Joint Injections

Eliminate joint pain in as little as one treatment.

It’s POSSIBLE to eliminate chronic pain.

Benefits of Regenerative Joint Injections

Regenerative joint injections work by injecting natural solutions into painful or injured tissues, triggering a temporary inflammatory response. This signals the body to flood the area with healing and repairing cells.

These non-surgical and drug-free injections eliminate pain in as little as one treatment and stimulate a healing response that continues for months.

Rather than masking chronic pain, this natural treatment heals the root cause of the problem to create lasting pain relief.

Regenerative Joint Injections Can Help

What to Expect from Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

One type of regenerative joint injection that we offer at the Desert Wellness Center is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) prolotherapy.

This non-invasive office procedure harnesses the healing properties of your own blood cells.

We draw a sample of your blood and spin it down with a highly specialized technology called Terumo. This process extracts platelets, growth factors, stem cells, and other healing elements from your blood.

The result is a highly concentrated solution that we inject back into your body, precisely where we want the healing to happen.

Because PRP uses your own blood, there is no risk of adverse immune reactions. You can expect to start feeling better within 2-6 weeks and continue healing for up to 7 months after the injection.

What to Expect from Neural Prolotherapy

Neural prolotherapy works by injecting a mixture of dextrose and sterile water into a painful area or joint with a tiny needle.

Neural prolotherapy targets the small nerves just below the surface of your skin to relieve pain immediately and to signal the body to send healing and repairing cells to the area.

You will likely experience immediate pain relief after the injections and can resume your daily activities with no down time.

If your first treatment is successful, it’s recommended you receive weekly injections for 2-8 weeks. You will then determine a maintenance plan with your physician so you can enjoy lasting pain relief.

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