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FDA Pulls Homeopathic HCG Products From Shelves!

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Homeopathic medicines can work wonders when used appropriately, but this is not one of those times.  Homeopathic HCG drops DID NOT WORK, and left a number of consumers eating far too few calories without any medical supervision.  I personally have seen a number of patients who have had major metabolic changes due to using these drops.  This time the FDA has gotten it right!

HCG remains one of the single most effective weight loss programs we have today – when it is done properly.  You should be seeing a physician regularly, and you should be receiving the actual HCG hormone (something that can only be prescribed by a licensed physician).   With the proper medicine and supervision, a very low calorie diet becomes a safe and effective option for weight loss.  With this diet Dr. Cronin has helped hundreds of patients lose thousands of pounds, feel wonderful, no longer need medications, and have major decreases in blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, all while learning how to eat good food and make lasting lifestyle changes.

If you are struggling in your weight loss goals, and think this may be an option for you please call Dr. Cronin.  She offers a free 15-minute Meet & Greet to answer your questions and determine if this program is a safe one for you

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