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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with a 3 week cleanse!

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First it starts with Halloween….just a few pieces of candy right?  Then it is downhill until Valentine’s day.  On average an American will gain 2-5 lbs during the holidays.  In January everyone wakes up from a self induced food coma to spends time and money attempting to un-do what the extra helping of pumpkin pie or stuffing has done to their waist line.

Avoid all the hassle by jump starting your metabolism and keep focus on healthy eating by participating in a cleanse.  There is a 3 week window right between Thanksgiving and Christmas that is perfect timing.  Not only will it help keep your weight under control but give you energy to keep up with all the holidays shopping and traveling.

Cleansing provides other benefits for your health as well.  The low sugar intake will actually help your immune system fight off infections.  It also will help reduce inflammation that can cause joint pain.  The high levels of fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants and nutrients that help to combat the stress that is typical during the season.  No runny nose or cough to keep you from having fun this season!!!!

Doing a cleanse without medical supervision is never advised.  There are many products out there that are just glorified laxatives that make you feel “cleaned out” but do not provide any health benefits.  This can cause mineral imbalance and actually make you feel worse.

The Desert Wellness Center 3 week cleanse is a whole foods based full body cleanse.  It physician supervised and all inclusive.  It is gentle with no pills to swallow.  Each day you can expect more energy, weight loss and new found love for healthy foods.  A complete menu, shopping list and resources are provided.  This year we are providing it in a group setting which will provide additional support, education and resources.

It all starts December 1st at 5:30pm with an educational meeting. During this session the DWC doctors will review the outline, plan and how-tos of our unique program.  Individualization will be provided.  You will be allowed to sample the medical protein detox beverages as well to determine which one you like best.

At the 2nd educational meeting on December 11th, at 5:30pm the doctors will review how to keep weight stable during the holidays and how to continue your new habits for a lifetime.

All this for $199.  Bring a friend, spouse or co-worker and you will get 2 for $299

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