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Fit or Fat? Why Your Scale is Lying to You

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Your scale is lying to you. (Well, sort of.) When you step on, it does tell you how much you weigh, assuming it has been calibrated correctly. The number it provides can be used to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a weight-to-height ratio commonly used as an indicator of obesity and underweight by physicians.

However, there is a lot of important information that your scale and your BMI do not tell you about your body, and ultimately your health.

What Your Scale Isn’t Telling You

Weight is simply a measurement of the heaviness of your body. It does not account for the composition of your body, i.e. the proportion of fat, muscle, water, bone, etc. And that’s the information you really need to know. One person may weigh 150 pounds and have 9% body fat, while another may weigh 150 pounds and have 35% body fat. The scale will say the same thing, but their bodies are metabolizing and functioning on completely different levels.

The Solution: Body Composition Analysis

Understanding your body composition is far more important to your health than weight or BMI.

Research has shown that excess fat in relation to lean body mass can greatly increase your risk of cardiovascular dis- ease, diabetes, and other health concerns.

A body composition analysis, combined with a metabolic rate measurement (which shows how many calories you burn while resting) will tell you whether your body’s balance of body fat and lean muscle is within a healthy range.


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