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Got Sunburn? Heal it FAST – with IV Therapy

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It happens to all of us at some point during the summer: a little too much time spent in the sun, resulting in a painful sunburn.

Recently, our office manager Tami came in to work sporting a bright red burn on her back and chest. Rather than suffer through it (and the uncomfortable peeling that often occurs a few days later), she opted for our special skin-soothing nutritional IV Therapy and was fully healed in just a couple of days — with NO peeling!

Tami’s IV contained a special mixture of:

  • Glutathone, a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin C to boost the immune system and repair the skin
  • B-Complex to improve the texture and moisture retention of the skin
  • Magnesium to calm redness

Cost: $165 (costs will vary depending on nutrients needed)

The IV therapy takes about 60 minutes to administer, so it can be done during your lunch hour. Bring a book or simply relax in our big comfy chair while the vitamins and nutrients go to work!

Vitamin IV therapy is safe and quite comfortable (we use VERY small needles!). In addition to sunburn, it can be great for treating colds and flus, preparing for or recovering from strenuous athletic activities, and for general health and wellness.

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