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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a VI Peel

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Aging is a natural part of life. As we get older, our skin stops producing collagen. Wrinkles, environmental damage, and age spots become more noticeable. Our skin loses elasticity and becomes lax, pigmented, and rough. While there are a number of invasive surgeries that can be done to combat the signs of aging, they’re expensive and you need to continually pay for them to keep seeing results. Rather than submitting yourself to extensive processes with long downtimes, there’s a better way to get your youthful skin back. By using a VI Peel, you can improve your skin’s elasticity and effectively reverse the signs of aging.

At VI Aesthetics, our VI Peel is a simple, non-invasive, pain-free procedure that has minimal downtime. It requires no special preconditioning and comes with everything you need for post-peel care. VI Peels work to exfoliate your face and body, revealing healthy, beautiful skin. When you get a VI Peel, beneficial blends of ingredients work to safely remove damaged layers of skin and promote cellular growth. Since they’re packed with vitamins and minerals, VI Peels are more nourishing than traditional chemical peels and leave your skin looking radiant.

The Benefits of Using a VI Peel

VI Peels work to help rejuvenate your skin and restore your youthful appearance. Your skin will be smoother, firmer, and your complexion will clear up if you had any blemishes or acne. VI Peels also help to give you an overall radiant glow that will be hard to ignore. Keep in mind that it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to start seeing noticeable results.

How to Use the VI Peel

The VI Peel can be used on both your face and your body. However, regardless of where you use it, never pull back on the skin that’s shedding. This will rip off skin that hasn’t yet healed or shed from the process. If your skin is hanging off and you’d like to remove it, use small cuticle scissors to trim off the already exfoliated skin. After using a VI Peel, it’s important to use the complimentary VI Derm SPF 50+ to help protect fresh skin. VI Peels need to be administered under the care of a licensed practitioner to avoid damage and serious adverse effects. Visit our “VI Practitioner Locator” today if you’re interested in getting a VI Peel on your face or body.

On Your Face

Before getting your VI Peel, all you need to do is clean your face. After which, the solution is applied evenly, taking about 20 to 45 minutes. The solution works to penetrate your skin and reach the deepest layers of your face. Once the solution dries, it needs to be left on for at least 5 hours. However, while it’s drying, you can easily resume your normal, day-to-day activities. Once it’s removed, your skin will start to peel in 48 to 72 hours and it may last up to 6 days. If you have any unusual coloring, that’s normal. Regardless, always call your medical practitioner if you have any serious questions or concerns.

On Your Body

Another benefit of the VI Peel is that you can use it on your body. If you use the VI Peel on your body, the application process will be the same. However, be prepared for a different peeling process. Your body tends to peel more slowly than your face, so it may take 10 days or longer to complete. If you don’t regularly exfoliate, you can expect to peel more than if you exfoliate often. Skin preparation, application method, and any current products you’re using also affect peeling.

VI Aesthetics was founded in 2005 out of a father’s love for his daughter. To help lessen his daughter’s acne and improve her confidence, Dr. Khalil created a painless chemical peel for her to use. Today, VI Aesthetics has grown into a full skincare line to help people everywhere enhance their skin health. In addition to the VI Peel, VI Aesthetics offers products to help address acne, combat aging, and repair sun damage.

To learn more about VI Aesthetics, our VI Peels, or other products, visit our website and contact us today.

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