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PDO NovaThreads: What Are They and What Benefits Do They Provide?


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Facelifts were the top surgical procedure for US adults aged 70 and over in 2020. Cosmetic surgeons performed over 8,100 surgical facelifts on this age group last year.

We all want to look younger and feel confident, especially as we age. Yet, you may feel like you have limited options if you don’t want to go under the knife.

The good news is that PDO NovaThreads offer a non-invasive way to lift and tighten skin without surgery. And this procedure lasts longer than other types of non-surgical facelifts.

Do NovaThreads sound too good to be true? Then you need to keep reading this guide to learn more about this groundbreaking facelift method.

PDO NovaThreads: Explained

PDO NovaThreads is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment. This cosmetic procedure utilizes polydioxanone (PDO) threads, which are FDA-approved for stitching up wounds. PDO threads naturally dissolve over time.

But wound healing isn’t the only use for PDO threads. Your cosmetic surgeon can also use NovaThreads to give you tighter, younger-looking skin.

Getting NovaThreads is similar to having other collagen-stimulating treatments done. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, microneedling treatments, and lasering also work by increasing collagen production.

Which Areas Benefit from NovaThreads?

People commonly get:

  • NovaThreads for the jawline
  • NovaThreads for the neck
  • NovaThreads for under eyes
  • NovaThreads for the lips
  • NovaThreads for the jowls

NovaThreads can also help reduce smile and frown lines. Some people even ask for NovaThreads to lift and firm the décolletage.

Types of NovaThreads

There are three types of NovaThreads: smooth, barbed, and twisted.

Smooth threads are also called mono threads. They improve firmness and rejuvenate skin via collagen production stimulation.

Barbed threads (also called cog threads) stimulate collagen, too. But because they have a fishhook-like barb, these NovaThreads can lift and pull the skin as well.

Twisted threads are alternatively known as screw threads. Like the other two types, twisted threads stimulate collagen production. They also add small amounts of volume, making these NovaThreads perfect for lips.

Who Is NovaThreads For?

Doctors created NovaThreads facelifts for people who can’t have or don’t want a surgical facelift. The procedure is ideal for people showing signs of aging, which include loose and textured skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Collagen production declines with age, leading to wrinkles. But this gradual loss of collagen actually begins as early as age 30.

Getting NovaThreads can help combat this decline. That’s why this treatment is ideal for patients of any age who want to boost collagen production and prevent wrinkles.

NovaThreads is not recommended for people with keloids. If you have a compromised immune system, severe allergies, or multiple allergies, you may also want to consider another option.

The Benefits of NovaThreads

In one study, 89% of people who underwent barbed NovaThread were satisfied with their results. Yet, impressive efficacy isn’t NovaThreads’ only benefit. This procedure also promises the following advantages.

Long-Lasting Results

NovaThreads can produce collagen for up to six months. Similar treatments only stimulate collagen for 1–2 weeks.

However, one cosmetic surgeon has reported that his patients’ results have been known to last for up to nine years! This surgeon also reported longer-lasting results in younger patients compared to older adults.


Some older patients can undergo cosmetic surgery due to medical conditions. The most common conditions that affect surgical outcomes are:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Anemia
  • High blood pressure
  • Drug addiction
  • Being prone to blood clots
  • A history of varicose veins or leg swelling

NovaThreads are a completely non-invasive way to get the facelift you always wanted, even if you have one of the above conditions.

Short Recovery Time

There’s little to no recovery time after a NovaThreads procedure. So, you won’t have to take off work or limit your daily activities.

Doctors do recommend taking off from hard workouts for at least one week and avoiding facial massages for at least two weeks.

Few Side Effects

The most common side effect of NovaThreads is bruising and swelling. Most patients report that these symptoms only last a few days.

Small hemorrhages occur in around a quarter of people who get NovaThreads. Loss of sensation in the target area occurs in a very small number of cases. Injection and facial stiffness are also rare but possible side effects.

What to Expect from Your NovaThreads Visit

Before you go in for your official NovaThreads treatment, your doctor will want to schedule an initial consultation. That way, he or she can learn about your goals and map out a custom treatment plan for you.

Your NovaThreads treatment will begin with a thorough face cleanse. This helps ward off bacteria and prevent infection. The doctor will then numb the target area with a local anesthetic.

Next, the doctor will inject NovaThreads into the desired area. Your entire treatment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how large the target area is.

The NovaThreads Cost

The cost for NovaThreads generally depends on the three factors:

  • The type of thread (e.g., barbed is more expensive than smooth thread)
  • The size of the treatment area
  • How much of a change you want to make

If you plan to make a significant change, you may need multiple visits to get your desired results. The total cost will go up with each visit needed.

How Long Until I See Results?

A 2019 study found that patients experienced immediate results after NovaThreads. And these results lasted for up to a year.

How Long Until I Need Another Visit?

NovaThreads dissolve after about six months. But most patients report seeing results for up to a year and a half after that.

Ready for Your NovaThreads Facelift?

NovaThreads is a non-surgical way to get a facelift. You’ll see immediate results that may last from 1–9 years. Plus, with little to no side effects or downtime, you truly have nothing to lose with this procedure.

Are you convinced that NovaThreads is the facelift for you? Book a consultation with Desert Wellness Center in Tempe, Arizona to find out if your aesthetic goals are possible with this cutting-edge treatment.

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