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Sexual Health in Tempe AZ: The Connection Between Physical and Mental Health, Revealed

sexual health in tempe AZ

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No matter what sort of life you lead, taking care of your sexual health is paramount. Living a fulfilling and rewarding sex life is great for your overall health, self-image, and sense of wellness. 

A woman’s sexual wellness is important as she goes through the many stages of development and life.  

The points below are useful when you’d like to learn more about sexual health in Tempe AZ, and how both physical and mental play a significant role. 

A Healthy Body Gets the Blood Flowing

Blood flow is arguably the most important physical attribute needed for sexual health. You need good blood circulation for your genitals to become fully aroused and engorged for peak sensitivity and sexual pleasure. 

When you have a healthy heart thanks to cardiovascular exercise and fitness, your blood will flow better and more easily, and you’ll be better able to relax into intimate moods. 

This cardio health will also give you plenty of endurance in the bedroom, so you can go as many rounds as you’d like while remaining attentive and attuned to your partner. 

Hormones and Sexual Health Go Hand in Hand

You have to acknowledge how big a role your hormones play in everything. When you’re fit and at an optimal weight, you are also more likely to have balanced, productive hormones. 

Staying fit gives you an excellent balance of estrogen and testosterone so that your body is sexually responsive and so that your libido and desire remain high. 

Taking care of your overall health is the best way to achieve hormonal balance, and these benefits will carry over into every other part of your life. Your moods will be more pleasant and euphoric, you can stave off depression and anxiety issues, and will be able to more fully explore your sexuality.  

Less Stress Equals Better, More Fulfilling Sex

When you’re interested in better sexual health, you should be looking into forms of stress relief. Taking care of your physical health allows you to lower the tension and stress hormone in your body. 

By working out, you increase the endorphins that your body produces. These feel-good hormones will help you manage your stress levels so that your body doesn’t tighten up, and so that you’re also able to think clearly and remain relaxed. 

It’s easier for you to get into the mood and enjoy sexual health in your life when your stress is under control. Depression and anxiety will also be more manageable. 

Your Self-Esteem and Image Soar When You’re Fit

If you’re trying to bolster your self-esteem and image, getting in peak fitness is one of the best things you can do. Take a scale and start giving yourself weekly weigh-ins. 

By dedicating yourself to workouts four or five times per week, you will start getting consistent results that you’ll be proud of.

As you work toward your ideal physique, you’ll not only experience a positive self-image but your self-esteem will also grow knowing that you’re constantly working out and showing up for yourself.  

A Healthy Body Helps Creates a Healthy Mind

Never lose sight of the fact that there’s an intrinsic connection between your mind and body. 

When you are well-conditioned, your body is fit and your mind will work better. People from all walks of life add jogging, swimming, or weight training to their morning or evening routines every bit as much for the mental benefits as the physical. 

Lung capacity and your ability to breathe freely are some of the biggest indicators of both total-body health and mental health. Your ability to breathe deeply and consistently sends signals to your parasympathetic nervous system to relax and stay calm. 

This creates the opposite of a fight or flight response, which lets you draw upon more mental energy and capacity, rather than being stuck in a panicked or survival state. 

The ability to more quickly calm your mind and body will prevent you from getting lost in anxiety and overwhelm. 

Diet and Exercise Will Improve Your Libido

Constantly exercising and eating well will also flat-out improve your sexual appetite. Libido and physical health are linked, so the more you work out, the higher your sex drive will be. 

This is why physical fitness is such a big part of female intimacy wellness. When you’re eating healthy and avoiding food additives, high-fructose corn syrup, hormones, saturated fats, and other components, your body will be more sexually responsive and you’ll appreciate an overall healthier life. 

Meditation Can Lead to Great Sex

Meditation is one of the most useful ways to get control of your mind. Ironically, you do this by letting go of your attachment and identity with your mind. 

Many people’s mental illness and frustration are due to the fact that they get attached to identity issues and lost in their mind’s torrential changes. When you meditate, you’re simply taking time to notice your breath, while allowing your thoughts to come and go as they please. 

By doing this, you will intrinsically be able to detach from your mind’s noise, so that you have autonomy, security, and clear thoughts. Meditation also activates the parasympathetic nervous system and increases your ability to relax and enjoy the present moment. 

Meditators are typically better able to enjoy sex and appreciate all of the many emotions and sensations, rather than giving in to the kneejerk response to detach or contract into yourself. 

A quality meditation practice helps you work through the sexual blocks that you have so that you can appreciate intimate relationships.  

Learn More About Sexual Health in Tempe AZ

The more that you learn about physical and mental health, the better you can appreciate a fully engaged and enriching sex life. Take the time to look after your health so that you can experience these benefits in your life.  

When you’d really like to learn more about sexual health in Tempe AZ, we’re easy to get in touch with. 

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