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Neural Prolotherapy

Neural Prolotherapy

You don’t have to feel pain.

Neural prolotherapy is a natural way to help treat and manage chronic pain in individuals who are suffering from damaged tissue. When administered by a trained and certified doctor, neural prolotherapy helps give patients pain relief for chronic problems. It can also lead to cellular repair and damaged tissue healing for long-lasting results, drastically lowering overall pain and inflammation throughout your body. Neural prolotherapy helps our patients get back to living their lives without interruption or discomfort.

How Does Neural Prolotherapy Work?

Neural prolotherapy works by injecting a mixture of dextrose and sterile water directly into the painful area or joint. This solution is all natural and therefore a very safe alternative to treating chronic pain. Neural prolotherapy targets the small nerves located just below the surface of your skin—superficial peripheral nerves—that are often missed on MRI or X-ray scans. When the solution hits the area of chronic pain, it creates temporary inflammation to signal your body to send healing and repairing cells to that area. After receiving neural prolotherapy, your body starts to heal itself. This healing doesn’t stop at the superficial level. It continues to extend deep beneath these superficial peripheral nerves to target the underlying cause of your injury. In the end, neural prolotherapy heals the root cause of the problem rather than simply masking the chronic pain.

Conditions that can Be Treated With Neural Prolotherapy

Rather than injecting your body with cortisone, neural prolotherapy is on the rise as a safe alternative to managing pain. In addition to treating general chronic pain throughout your body, neural prolotherapy can help treat the following:

  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Knee pain after surgery
  • Sports injuries
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle and ligament injuries

What to Expect During Neural Prolotherapy

If you think that neural prolotherapy is right for you, talk to your doctor today. During the initial consultation, you’ll work together to determine whether or not this treatment will help eliminate your source of pain. If you move forward, neural prolotherapy is an easy to manage, outpatient treatment. While there will be some minor discomfort during the physical injections, there are rarely any side effects or additional sources of pain involved.

To start, you will be lying in a comfortable position in your doctor’s office. Once you’re ready, your doctor will inject the dextrose and saline solution directly into the area you’re experiencing chronic pain using a very small needle. If your injury is extensive, your doctor may need to administer more than one injection for the treatment to work.

After you’ve received all of your injections, you will likely start to experience substantial pain relief right away. Your doctor will work with you to test out your joints to ensure that the treatment was successful. If you still feel discomfort, more injections may be recommended. Once determined successful, you’re able to immediately resume your normal daily activities. This is one reason our patients love neural prolotherapy—there is absolutely no downtime needed. The only side effect that people report is having mild tenderness or bruising from the injection itself, similar to when you get a shot. This will resolve quickly.

If you found success during your first round of neural prolotherapy, you will need to continue the treatment to achieve long-lasting pain relief. Depending on your injury, you might need an additional two to eight weekly sessions alongside maintenance visits. Your doctor will work with you to determine a schedule that best addresses your chronic pain or injury.

Is Neural Prolotherapy Right For You?

Due to the minimally invasive, natural properties of neural prolotherapy, it’s generally considered a safe treatment for most of our patients looking for chronic pain relief. If you are suffering from one of the above conditions that neural prolotherapy has been proven successful for, talk to the doctors at Desert Wellness.

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