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Put Your Health First: Treating and Testing For High Cholesterol in Tempe, AZ

testing for high cholesterol

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Many women and men don’t understand how important testing for high cholesterol is until it’s sometimes too late. There is a proven link between high cholesterol and diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, and even cancer.

But, caring about health unknowns is difficult if you lead a busy and hectic life.

You care about yourself and your family, but sometimes there is little time for nutritious meals. Many times your dinners consist of you swinging through your nearest fast-food restaurant. If that sounds like you, take a few minutes today to read this post!

It’s important for everyone to understand their cholesterol levels. What’s more, if you know you need treatment for your high cholesterol in Tempe, AZ, there likely won’t be a good health result if you don’t get tested now.

When Cholesterol Testing is Incorrect

In Tempe and throughout Arizona, high cholesterol is an ongoing problem for 41% of adults ages 45-64. If you are 65+, the statistic goes up to 50.1%. What’s worse is many people are unaware that high cholesterol levels sometimes have no symptoms at all.

There are some things that can interfere with a cholesterol test, even if you’re proactive and go in for one. For example, if you took any medication nine-twelve hours before the test, your test results may not be accurate. If your cholesterol test results are not active, it is sometimes necessary to take more blood samples for testing.

Testing for High Cholesterol

It can be difficult getting an accurate reading because there are many factors that affect our lipid profile. Everything from diet to our current weight loss program could cause inaccurate readings.

The American Heart Association has recommendations on cholesterol testing you should follow.

The American Heart Association recommends adults 20+ check their cholesterol every four to six years. But even if you test when and how you should, you can still develop issues with your cardiovascular health.

There is no universal consensus about optimum cholesterol testing age or levels.

Managing and Treating High Cholesterol

Many physicians use an equation that measures any elevated risks levels for cardiovascular disease. The equation is part of determining diabetes mellitus type 2 as well. Unfortunately, when it comes to your heart health, cholesterol doesn’t tell the whole story.

You can use these numbers because they give you valuable information for managing risk factors. Risks factors you can use in other parts of life like diet or exercise. If that wasn’t enough to worry you, it’s important to note you also have two different types of cholesterol.

The two types of cholesterol are HDL and LDL. Your liver makes all the cholesterol it needs for itself. But if you have too many fats present in your system, you’ll notice your cholesterol levels going up.

High Cholesterol Treatment

LDL is low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. When you have too much LDL, it joins up with other fats and substances and begins to build up in your arteries. The build-up in your arteries of LDL and other fatty substances turns into hard plaque that reduces the amount of blood flow in your body.

It is prescribed statin drugs that many believe to be the most effective way of lowering LDL cholesterol levels. The medications show time and again their ability to reduce LDL-C. They also help prevent CV events such as heart attacks.

The reason they are so effective is due to how well they work on so many different types of patients with varying needs. Treatment is not only important to have at that juncture; it is mandatory for staying in better health. Treatments for cholesterol range from medication to exercise and nutrition.

High Cholesterol Treatment in Tempe Has a Healthy Solution

As your age and cholesterol levels begin to go up, your doctor will calculate a 10-year risk for heart attack or stroke. Prescribing a statin drug for patients is usually given along with healthy lifestyle changes, including diet & physical activity.

If you live in Tempe, there you have even more treatment options.

Treating high cholesterol in Tempe, AZ, has never been easier, thanks to The Desert Wellness naturopathic medical expertise. Tempe, AZ residents are known for putting their health first. If you’re willing to get fit and stay healthy, one of the best high cholesterol solutions is in Tempe.

That’s where you’ll find the Desert Wellness Center Physicians.

Signs of High Cholesterol You Need to Know

If you have an elevation of your cholesterol numbers, a statin drug and active lifestyle changes help you stay fit as well as healthier. However, when it comes to cholesterol, there are no symptoms.

That’s because high cholesterol levels do not cause any symptoms unless there’s an ongoing health problem due to the high levels.

These ongoing health problems that are signs of high cholesterol include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Cardiovascular disease includes angina pectoris heart attacks.
  2. Strokes with some affecting brain-related functions of judgment and memory.
  3. Type 2 diabetes can lead to heart disease and kidney problems.
  4. Kidney failure
  5. Alzheimer’s Disease and more

The level of blood cholesterol that is considered “healthy” changes depending on whom you ask. Some experts say the optimal range for total cholesterol TC and LDL comes in at 170-190. Almost everyone can help lower their high cholesterol levels and symptoms with exercise and healthy eating.

The Way Forward into a Healthy Lifestyle

The Desert Wellness Center provides testing for high cholesterol. The Desert Wellness Center then helps patients find treatment solutions that fit their life best. Some treatment solutions include healthy eating, exercise, hormones, and medication options.

Desert Wellness Center offers a stellar team of licensed naturopathic physicians. The physicians at the Desert Wellness Center off patients expertise across multiple specialties. Treating high cholesterol is one of their specialties, but they also offer other treatment solutions, so you live your best life.

Desert Wellness Center wants their Tempe, AZ patient’s experience to be a seamless transition from one office visit to the next. Because they know how important continuity is when it comes time making decisions about health care.

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