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Women's Health

Are you looking for a women’s health center that understands aging?

Women of all ages experience hormone imbalance. We age because our hormones decline. Our hormones don’t decline because we age. Natural treatment options for hormone imbalances are available for women. We all experience age and Desert Wellness women’s health center can assist with managing those symptoms. We provide natural solutions for the common side affects of periods and menopause. We work on treating the whole person not just the symptoms, see our various treatment solutions below.

Our Women’s Health Center Offers Natural Solutions For:


Depression and Anxiety

Sexual Satisfaction

Treatments Include:

Hormonal changes like perimenopause, menopause, and andropause bring with them any number of uncomfortable symptoms. Lifestyle changes and botanical medicines can influence hormones, but in many cases Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (bHRT) is the most effective option in relieving symptoms, and preventing future disease. Hands down, bHRT is one of the most important and effective treatments we have at our disposal to help our patients achieve true health and healing. Learn more about bHRT here.

Everyone wants to reclaim his or her youth. When we age, we slowly start to notice an increasing amount of wrinkles, marks from acne or sun damage, and an overall sagging appearance. This can be blamed on collagen—or a lack thereof. As we get older, the overall collagen production and blood flow to our skin’s surface slowly begins to decrease.

Rather than accepting this new look or turning to expensive and invasive surgeries, it’s possible to stimulate your body’s natural healing response so it starts producing collagen again. Now, it’s easier than ever to reclaim your youth with SkinPen® microneedling.

Curious about the results you can expect? Check out SkinPen before and after photos here.

Naturopathic medicine addresses the body as a whole and from the inside out. We use natural therapies whenever possible and medications whenever needed.

Naturopathic medicine works WITH your body to truly heal rather than just covering up the symptoms. It is effective for many conditions affecting women’s health, including irregular periods, menstrual cramps, PCOS, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, and fertility.

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Naturopathic medicine is a holistic approach that uses natural therapies whenever possible and medications whenever needed— to heal the body from the inside out.

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